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The Crowd of the Green Movement in Iran in 2009

Siavash Rokni


This article aims to look at the concept of the protesting crowd and situate it within the two current social movement theories of New Social Movements and Resource Mobilization. The article first looks at theories on crowds to pinpoint the limitations of these theories in explaining the concept of protesting crowds. It then sets to define protesting crowds as a dispositive consisting of heterogeneous forces that come together in kairos, an opportune moment, in order to produce a collective discourse. The paper argues that protesting crowds distinguish themselves from other forms of crowds through a set of practices of the collective self that defines them as what they are in relation to other forms of crowds. Using an opportune moment to come together, protesting crowds produce themselves as an Event that disrupts the state of Being and brings with it new multiplicities. To demonstrate this thesis, the paper uses the example of the Green Movement in Iran to show how multiple forces were able to come together as a collective to present a collective discourse by using the election results as an opportune moment. The paper concludes that due to the advent of technology and globalization, many new forms of collective practices have been added to the collective practices of protesting crowds to the extent that it has led them to become part of a networked protesting crowd.


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ISSN 1927-5277 Gnosis (Online)